IZA programs are focused on three key areas:
  • Technology & Market Development
  • Environment, Health & Sustainability
  • Communications

Technology & Market Development
The aim of the Technology & Market Development program is to grow and protect the global markets for zinc through research and market development activities. Programs are developed with a 3-5-year time frame and are targeted at key market applications and geographical regions.

Galvanizing is zinc’s largest use, accounting for over 50% of demand. A number of IZA programs are conducted in partnership with the steel industry focusing on the automotive and construction markets.

Numerous die casting programs are conducted and a new thin-wall die cast alloy has been developed.

IZA also explores potential new zinc applications such zinc in fertilizers and zinc in battery and fuel cell applications.

Environment, Health & Sustainability
The Environment, Health & Sustainability program focuses on identifying, understanding and managing environmental issues that may impact the zinc industry. This includes regulatory affairs and a number of research programs. The program is also concerned with zinc deficiency issues in human health and crop nutrition.

IZA’s communications program ensures key messages about zinc are disseminated globally. Efforts are focused on the information needs of targeted stakeholder groups and the communications priorities identified within the Technology & Market Development and Environment, Health & Sustainability programs. Communication tools include websites (in addition to, IZA manages several technical and regional websites), publications, newsletters, press releases, interviews, videos, conferences, seminars and training courses.

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