Zinc Spraying

Zinc Thermal Spraying For Corrosion Protection

For over a century, zinc has enhanced the longevity and performance of steel.  Zinc coatings provide the most effective and economical way of protecting steel against corrosion, which, if left unchecked, is estimated to cost an industrialized country’s economy at least 4% of GDP each year.

Most zinc coatings are applied to steel by galvanizing. However, large articles such as wind energy towers can be too large to be dipped in the galvanizing bath. Zinc thermal spraying is used to provide corrosion protection to such steel articles. Additionally, zinc thermal spraying can coat steel that is already installed, and can be used to coat areas that are inaccessible by hot dip galvanizing.

Case Studies

  • Pernille Kim

    Pernille Kim

    The owner of this zinc thermal-sprayed vessel was totally satisfied with the very high standard of work. The case study illustrates the corrosion protection processes used.

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  • Corrosion Protection for Windmills Onshore and Offshore

    Corrosion Protection for Windmills Onshore and Offshore

    Windmill turbines are regarded as objects with a lifetime of 20-25 years. The designed corrosion protection has to last at least that time without general maintenance. Due to their typical location, either on sea or on land often in areas with low infrastructure, the access for later works on the turbines is both difficult and costly. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the corrosion protection is of very high quality.

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