November 3-4, 2020
The Westin

Charlotte, North Carolina

Join us for the 1st International Zinc Recycling Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina in November!

Responsible production and consumption is more important than ever to conserve resources for future generations. This 1-day conference highlights the latest technical and market trends for the recovery of zinc from secondary raw materials. Session topics include market outlook for zinc recycling from scrap, residues and dusts; trends and innovations in recycling technology;  and zinc´s contribution to circular economy.

In addition to the conference participants will have the opportunity of visiting a zinc recycling plant.

 Who Should attend?

  • Zinc industry decision makers
  • Managers of processing companies
  • Zinc and recycling experts
  • Stakeholders with a strong interest in zinc recycling

More information will be provided during Q2.  Registration will open in summer.

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