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The International Zinc Association (IZA) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the interests of zinc and its users. IZA’s mission is to support and advance zinc products and markets through research, development, technology transfer and communication of the unique attributes that make zinc sustainable and essential for life.


Leveraging Member Funding

IZA members represent 60% of global zinc production. In addition, there are more than 150 affiliate members from key zinc consuming end user groups. Affiliate members, third party contributors, conference and other revenue provide 44% of IZA funds under management.


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Making a Difference

Membership Categories


Benefits of Membership


IZA is governed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of a representative of the top management from each full member company. IZA also has two technical committees: the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee and the Technology & Market Development Committee, which are composed of specialists from IZA member companies in these respective areas. IZA also has committees or task groups that address specific issues such as environmental regulations in Europe.

Communications Materials

IZA publishes a number of brochures, fact sheets and case studies on specific topics – all with the aim of promoting the benefits of zinc in specific applications. Members are free to use and show these materials.


IZA manages the primary website for the zinc industry, All member companies are listed and their company descriptions, logos and contact information is made available to the public on this website.


IZA organizes numerous international, national and regional zinc conferences, seminars and symposia, including the International Zinc and Zinc Oxide Industry Conference and Zinc College, a biennial training program for the zinc industry. IZA members enjoy discounted rates for all conferences.

Technical Expertise

Member companies have access to IZA’s extensive network of technical experts in zinc including environmental, sustainability and technical market issues.


IZA Members represent 60% of worldwide production of zinc and 80% of production in the Western Hemisphere.