10 Facts You Should Know
About Zinc:
Zn Fact | 1
Zinc is a natural part of our environment, required by all living things for survival.
Zn Fact | 2

Zinc is vital to healthy growth and brain development; strengthens the immune system and helps fight infection.

Zn Fact | 3

Protecting steel against corrosion is the most important market for zinc, representing 60% of zinc use worldwide.

Zn Fact | 4

Zinc can be recycled economically and without loss of its physical properties.  This intrinsic value helps ensure collection and recovery.

Zn Fact | 5

Zinc is a $40 Billion per year market and is the fourth-most used metal worldwide, behind iron, aluminum, and copper.

Zn Fact | 6

The world is naturally abundant in zinc, and resources are available to meet future demand for many generations.

Zn Fact | 7

From household fixtures to automotive components, zinc die castings positively impact our lives on a daily basis.

Zn Fact | 8

When added to fertilizers, zinc contributes to food security by increasing crop yields and nutrition quality.

Zn Fact | 9

From solar cells to sunscreens, and a thousand products in between, zinc chemicals play a critical role in modern society.

Zn Fact | 10

The United Nations has labelled zinc a ‘Life Saving Commodity,’ and 200,000 childhood deaths could be prevented every year with increased access to zinc.

International Zinc Association:  Building a world where zinc is recognized as sustainable and essential for modern life.


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