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We deliver value to our International Zinc Association members through innovative programming that is focused on environmental and sustainable development, technology and market development and communications.


We Help to Grow and Protect Zinc Markets

We Insure International Engagement on Regulatory Issues

We Cultivate Industry and Customer Networking

We Promote and Develop a Positive Image of Zinc

The International Zinc Association (IZA) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the interests of zinc and its users. IZA provides a forum for the zinc industry to analyze and anticipate issues affecting zinc globally and to ensure a timely and appropriate response. IZA coordinates initiatives good for zinc that are best done collectively, undertaken either directly or through involvement and support of customer groups and related stakeholders on the local, regional, and global levels.

Did You Know?

IZA Members represent 60% of worldwide production of zinc and 80% of production in the Western Hemisphere.

Leveraging Member Funding

IZA members represent 60% of global zinc production. In addition, there are more than 150 affiliate members from key zinc consuming end-user groups. Affiliate members, third-party contributors, conference and other revenue provide 44% of IZA funds under management.

Full Members

include mining and refining companies. Each full member has a seat on IZA's Board of Directors and is eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Affiliate Members

include exploration companies, recyclers, oxide producers, first users of zinc, and other companies interested in developing and promoting zinc and its users.

Associate Members

include industry trade associations, universities, research institutes, and other non-commercial organizations.

Benefits of Membership


IZA is governed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of a representative of the top management from each full member company. IZA also has two technical committees: the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee and the Technology & Market Development Committee, which are composed of specialists from IZA member companies in these respective areas. IZA also has committees or task groups that address specific issues such as environmental regulations in Europe.

Communications Materials

IZA publishes a number of brochures, fact sheets and case studies on specific topics - all with the aim of promoting the benefits of zinc in specific applications. Members are free to use and show these materials.


IZA manages the primary website for the zinc industry, www.zinc.org. All member companies are listed and their company descriptions, logos and contact information is made available to the public on this website.


IZA organizes numerous international, national and regional zinc conferences, seminars and symposia, including the International Zinc and Zinc Oxide Industry Conference and Zinc College, a biennial training program for the zinc industry. IZA members enjoy discounted rates for all conferences.

Technical Expertise

Member companies have access to IZA’s extensive network of technical experts in zinc including environmental, sustainability and technical market issues.

Meet Our Members


ABCO Diecasters Inc. (USA)
Afriken International LTD. (Kenya)
AK Steel Corp. (USA)
Anderson Die Casting LLC (USA)
Andritz-Selas (France)
ArcelorMittal Steel Group (USA)
Asia Galvanizing (S) Ptd Ltd. (Singapore)
Auto-Cast Inc. (USA)
AZZ Incorporated (USA)
Baowu Steel Group (China)
Basetrade Global (UK)
Beijing Xinhefeng Agrochemical Co. Ltd (China)
Bohigh Zinc Product Co., Ltd (China)
Carteret Die Casting Corp. (USA)
Cast Products Incorporated (USA)
Caudle Manufacturing Company (USA)
Commercial Metals Company (USA)
COREZINC s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
Coromandel International Ltd. (India)
DCK Group (UK)
DeCardy Diecasting Inc. (USA)
Deco Products Company (USA)
Denro Corporation (Japan)
Diamonchem International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Drever International (Belgium)
Eastern Alloys, Inc (USA)
Enerpoly AB (Sweden)
EnZinc Inc. (USA)
E-Zinc (Canada)
Fielding Mfg (USA)
Flaurea Chemicals S.A. (Belgium)
Ford (USA)
Form Technologies (USA)
Fort Recovery Industries Inc. (USA)
Frech USA (USA)
General Motors (USA)
Global Steel Dust (USA)
Graceland Industry Pte Ltd (China)
Greennovo Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
Hakusui Tech Co. Ltd (Japan)
Heritage Environmental Services (USA)
Hubei Forbon Technology Co. Ltd (China)
Hyundai Hysco (Korea)
Imprint Energy Inc. (USA)
Industrial Steel Construction (ICS) (USA)
ISKY Chemicals Co., Ltd. (China)
IXM (Switzerland)
Jean Goldschmidt International S.A. (Belgium)
Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)
Jiangsu Youfa Steel Pipe Co., LTD
KEODS (Fives Group) (France)
Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Kopf Holding GmbH (Austria)
Lakeside Casting Solutions (USA)
Lee Kee Group Limited (China)
Limpact International Limited (Canada)
Luxi Chemicals Group Corporation (China)
Mario Pilato Blat S.A. (Spain)
Matellus (Mexico)
Metals Chemicals Maastricht (NL)
Midland Industries, Inc. (USA)
Midewest Die Casting Corp. (USA)
Mineco Limited (UK)
Miniature Casting Corporation (USA)
Mittal Steel - Indiana Harbor (USA)
Nandan Nanfang Nonferrous Metal Company Limited (China)
Nucor Steel (USA)
NV Bekaert sa (Belgium)
Ocean Partners USA Inc (USA)
POSCO (Korea)
Production Castings Inc. (USA)
Purity Zinc Metals (USA & Canada)
Pursell Agri-Tech (USA)
Quality Metal Finishing Co. (USA)
Redflow Limited (Australia)
Richker Metals, Inc. (USA)
Rio Tinto Minerals (USA)
Ritchey Metals Company Inc. (USA)
Salient Energy (Canada)
Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH (Germany)
Serv-All (USA)
Shenzhen Batian Ecologic Engineering Co.,Ltd. (China)
Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfement Co., Ltd.(China)
Shijiazhuang Longli Chemical Co., Ltd (China)
Sinofert/Sinochem Holdings Limited (China)
SMM Information & Technology (China)
Soldy Manufacturing (USA)
SSAB Tunnplat AB (Sweden)
Stanley Fertilizer Co., LTD.(China)
Steel Dynamics Inc. (USA)
Steelscape, Inc./ Blue Scope (USA)
Sulphur Mills Limited (India)
Sun Beam Tech. Industrial Co (Taiwan, China)
Tangsteel (China)
Tata Steel Ltd (India)
Ternium Argentina (Argentina)
Ternium Mexico (Mexico)
Thermion Inc (USA)
The Techs (USA)
ThyssenKrupp AG (Germany)
Tibet Summit Resources (China)
Tiger-Sul Trading Shanghai (China)
Transamine Trading S.A. (Switzerland & South Africa)
Transvaal Galvanisers (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)
Triland Metals Limited (UK)
United States Steel Corp (USA)
Urban Electric Power Inc. (USA)
USS Posco Industries (USA)
Vertic Zinc Wire Oy (Finland)
Voest-Alpine Stahl (Austria)
Volcan Metal & Mining Co. (Turkey)
Wiegel Verwaltung Gmbh & Co Kg (Germany)
WN Associate Company Limited (Thailand)
Yunnan Chihong Zn&Ge Co (China)
Yunnan Xiangyun Feilong Recycling Technology Co., Ltd (China)
ZAF Energy Systems / Battery Grade Materials (USA)
Zelos Energy Ltd (USA)
Zhaoqing Hongyang Steel Structure Hot-dip Galvanizing Co., Ltd (China)
Zhongshan Hizinco Material Science&Technology Co (China)
Zhuzhou Smelter Group (China)
Zinc8 Energy Solutions (Canada)
Zinc Five Inc. (USA)
Zinco Group (Russia)
Zincovery Process Technologies Limited (New Zealand)
Zingametall BV-SRL (Belgium)
Zinpro Corporation (USA)
Zinq Technologie GmbH (Germany)


American Galvanizers Association Inc.
Asociacion Argentina de Galvanizado Por Inmersion en Caliente (AAGIC)
Asociación Mexicana de Galvanizadores A.C.
Asociación Tecnica Española de Galvanización
Asociatia Nationala A Zincatorilor (ANAZ)
Asosiasi Galvanis Indonesia (AGI)
Associacao Brasileira da Construcao Metálica
Associação Nacional para Difusão de Adubos (ANDA)
Associação Brasileira de Galvanização (ABGALVA)
Association of Czech and Slovak Galvanisers
Associazione Italiana Zincatura, Italy
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)
Bulgarian Galvanizing Association
Camara Argentina de Galvanizadores
China Agricultural University
China Diecasting Web
China International Mining Group (CIMG)
China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association
CoRI (Coatings Research Institute)
Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa (CorrISA)
Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM)
European Coil Coating Association, Belgium
European General Galvanizers Association
FEDIMETAL- Comité de Galvanizadores, Ecuador
Fertiliser Association of India
Fundacion IDONIAL, Spain
Foundry Institute of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES)
Galvanizers Association (UK & EIRE)
Galvanizers Association, USA
Galvanizers Association of Australia
Galvanizers Association of Hong Kong
Galvanizers Association of Malaysia
Galvanizing Association of New Zealand
Galvanizing Association of Poland
Galvanizing Association of Taiwan
Galvazinc Association, France
Hot Dip Galvanizers Association Southern Africa
Hungarian Hot-Dip Galvanizing Association
India Lead Zinc Development Association
Indian Micro-Fertilizers Manufacturers Association
Industrieverband Feuerverzinken e.V., Germany
Instituto de Metais Noa Ferrosos (ICZ)
Initiative Zink
Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Peru
International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA)
Japan Mining Industry Association
Korea Galvanizers Association
Micronutrient Manufacturers Association 
National Skills Foundation of India (NSFI)
Nordic Galvanizers
North American Die Casting Association
North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association
Sabanci University (Turkey)
Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Petróleo y Energía
Steel Stewardship Council (ResponsibleSteel), Australia/UK
The Sulphur Institute
Thermal Spray Association of S. Africa (TSASA)
General Galvanizers Association (GALDER), Turkey
Vereinigung Schweizerischer Verzinkereien, Switzerland
Experience Zamak, France
Zinc Information Centre, United Kingdom
Zinc-Net (a COST action for zinc biology) (UK)
Zinc Oxide Producers Association (ZOPA)
Zinkberatung Ingenieurdienste GmbH, Germany
Zink Info Benelux

Commercial Listing

Exploration Companies

DCK Group (UK & China)

Galvanizing Fluxes

Flaurea Chemicals S.A. (Belgium)

Zhaoqing Hongyang Steel Structure Hot-dip Galvanizing Co., Ltd. (China)

Galvanizing Line/Equipment Suppliers
General Galvanizers/Hot-Dip

Asia Galvanizing (S) Ptd Ltd. (Singapore)

AZZ Galvanizing Services (USA)

Commercial Metals Company (USA)

Denro Corporation (Japan)

Jiangsu Youfa Steel Pipe Co., LTD (China)

Kopf Holding GmbH (Germany)

NV Bekaert SA (Belgium)

Sun Beam Tech Industries (Taiwan)

Tata Steel Ltd (India)

The Techs (USA)

Transvaal Galvanisers (Pty) Ltd (S. Africa)

Wiegel Verwaltung GmbH & Co Kg (Germany)

WN Associate Company Limited (Thailand)

Zhaoqing Hongyang Steel Structure Hot-dip Galvanizing Co., Ltd. (China)

Zinq Technologie GmbH (Germany)

Surface Treatments/Coatings

Denro Corporation (Japan)

Jiangsu Youfa Steel Pipe Co., LTD (China)

NV Bekaert sa (Belgium)

Quality Metal Finishing Co. (USA)

Thermion Inc. (USA)

Zhaoqing Hongyang Steel Structure Hot-dip Galvanizing Co., Ltd. (China)

Zingametall BV-SRL (Belgium)

Zinc Alloyers

Eastern Alloys, Inc. (USA)

Lee Kee Group Limited (China)

Midland Industries, Inc. (USA)

REAZN (Luxembourg)

Ritchey Metals Company Inc. (USA)

Zhaoqing Hongyang Steel Structure Hot-dip Galvanizing Co., Ltd. (China)

Zinco Group (Russia)

Zinc Anodes
Zinc Chemicals
Zinc Energy Storage/Batteries
Zinc Industry Analysts and Consultants
Zinc Metal Suppliers
Zinc Miners

Basetrade Global (UK)

Matellus (Prosi PVS Chemicals) (Mexico)

Mineco Limited (UK)

Serv-All (USA)


Zinc Refiners

Limpact International Limited (Canada)

REAZN (Luxembourg)

Serv-All (USA)

Zinc Sulfate

Afriken International Ltd. (S. Africa)

Matellus (Prosi PVS Chemicals) (Mexico)

Shijiazhuang Longli Chemical Co., Ltd (China)

WN Associate Company Limited (Thailand)

Zinco Group (Russia)

Zinc Traders

Eastern Alloys, Inc. (USA)

IXM (Switzerland)

Mineco Limited (UK)

Ocean Partners USA Inc (USA)

Shaanxi Ocean Nonferrous Co.(China)

Transamine Trading S.A. (Switzerland & S. Africa)

Shenzhen Zhongjin Lingnan Nonfement Co., Ltd (China)

Yunnan Chihong Zn&Ge Co. LTD (China)

Zhuzhou Smelter Group (China)

Zinc Wire

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