Noviembre 15-18, 2021
Hilton Colón Guayaquil
Guayaquil, Ecuador

LATINGALVA is the leading international conference and exhibition on hot dip galvanizing in Latin America. It provides a unique platform for companies from around the world to exchange information on the latest advances in technology and operating processes, environmental regulations, best practices and market trends. The conference is complemented by an exhibition of international equipment and service suppliers, plant visits and social activities.

LATINGALVA is targeted at general galvanizing managers and engineers, designers of infrastructure projects, architects, others involved in general construction, suppliers to the industry, as well as public officers involved in infrastructure and public work development.

The conference will be held in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation into English.

Registration will open in July 2021

Program Overview

Monday, November 15:
Afternoon: Registration followed by Welcome Reception

Tuesday, November 16
Conference and Exhibition

Wednesday, November 17
Conference, Exhibition and Closing Dinner

Thursday, November 18
Entire day: Galvanizing plant tour


Berit Wirths
Communications Manager
International Zinc Association

LATINGALVA es la conferencia y exposición internacional más importante sobre el tema del Galvanizado por Inmersión en Caliente en Latinoamérica. Proporciona una plataforma única para empresas de todo el mundo para intercambiar información sobre los últimos avances en tecnología y procesos operativos, modificaciones en las normativas ambientales, buenas prácticas y tendencias del mercado. La conferencia se complementa con una exposición de proveedores internacionales de equipamiento y servicios, visitas a plantas de galvanizado y actividades sociales.

LATINGALVA se dirige a gerentes e ingenieros de la industria del galvanizado, diseñadores de proyectos de infraestructura, arquitectos, otras personas involucradas en construcciones generales, proveedores de la industria, así como los funcionarios públicos involucrados en el desarrollo de infraestructura y obra pública,

Apertura de inscripciones: Julio 2021

Reseña del Programa

Lunes, Noviembre 15
Tarde: Acreditación seguida por el Cocktail de Bienvenida

Martes, Noviembre 16
Conferencias y Exposición

Miércoles, Noviembre 17
Conferencias, Exposición y Cena de Clausura

Jueves, Noviembre 18
Todo el día: Visitas a plantas de galvanizado


Savio Cé
IZA Latinoamérica

Why Zinc Die Castings?

Why Zinc Die Castings?

The die casting process is a forming process in which molten metal is injected into the cavity of a steel die. The cavity is precision machined, with tight tolerances, into a block of heat resistant tool steel. Coupled with process control and the uniform shrinkage characteristics of zinc alloys, this process results in castings with exact precision.

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Ultra Thin Zinc Die Casting Alloys

Ultra Thin Zinc Die Casting Alloys

This publication presents the main characteristics of the recently developed High Fluidity (HF) Alloy that is based on the traditional Zamak composition and the earlier developed copper-rich alloy marketed under the names of Superloy and GDSL.

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