Zinc in Crops: World Bank project underway in India

Zinc in Crops: World Bank project underway in India

IZA’s crop project with World Bank to increase crop productivity and improve plant and consumer nutrition is underway in Rajasthan, India, where zinc deficiency in soils can reach as high as 75%, according to the report of the ICAR, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers...
Galvanized Rebar: It Works.

Galvanized Rebar: It Works.

All coatings are not equal. Learn about galvanized rebar’s proven track record in corrosion protection and why it should be your first choice in building a corrosion-resistant structure. Download...
Continuous Galvanized Rebar

Continuous Galvanized Rebar

A new production process and product, continuously galvanized (CGR), now provides significant cost savings compared to other corrosion resistant rebar systems together with the advantage of on-site formability of the finished product. The CGR process produces a...


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