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The Zinc Nutrient Initiative (ZNI) seeks to address the critical and linked issue of zinc deficiency in soils, crops and humans with the long-term and sustainable solution of zinc-fortified fertilizers to improve crop yield and nutrition, ultimately improving food security and human health.

The ZNI approach is designed to establish activities and best practices in the target countries that will ultimately be market-driven and therefore sustainable in the long term.  Practices that are successful in starting countries will be replicated and expanded globally where appropriate as the initial goals are achieved. ZNI’s activities include:

  • Crop and demonstration trials with zinc to highlight and prove the benefits
  • National and regional workshops with key stakeholders for awareness building
  • Training courses covering all aspects of zinc in agriculture and health with extension workers, company representatives, and farmers
  • Development of communication materials including brochures, fact sheets, training manuals, and videos.
  • Coordination with regional partners, including governments (e.g. Departments of Agriculture), NGOs, and the business community (e.g., fertilizer companies) to address policy and market barriers.

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